Formdex Uniflex Type-R

Formdex Uniflex Type-R is 100% compatible to masonry structures and can receive plastering or protection screed. It can be applied on damp surface and cures even in confined spaces.  Its root resistant property makes it ideal for waterproofing of Planters, Landscape Decks and Roof Gardens with ground covers, shrubs or low height plants. It is not suitable for planters with trees.

Formdex Uniflex Type-R  is applied using roller, brush or by spray. The membrane is easy to apply, forms a homogeneous membrane when cured and takes to the shape of the surface it is applied on. laster and similar substrates. In addition, its high build nature enables it to absorb shock transmitted through the topping material and allow some flexing between it and the substrate. Should be used as a concealed system.



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