Formdex Uni/ Uniflex/ Uniflex Type-R

Formdex is a two component cementitious waterproofing system membrane that offers an effective and permanent waterproofing solution to concrete structures. 3 Types - Uni & Uniflex

Formdex Uniflex & Formdex Uniflex Type-R is a heavy duty waterproofing membrane that has excellent flexibility and strength. Hence it is used in situations where movement or cracking of the substrate is occuring occurring or anticipated. Should be used as a concealed system. Additionally, Formdex Uniflex Type-R has root resistant properties and is able to use for Planters, Landscaping, Roof Gardens, etc. without trees.

Formdex Uni is a heavy duty waterproofing membrane that seals water, rain, ground water and masonry, concrete, plaster and similar substrates. In addition, its high build nature enables it to absorb shock transmitted through the topping material and allow some flexing between it and the substrate. Should be used as a concealed system.




Areas of Usage

  • Swimming pools and water features
  • Decks and patios
  • Driveways and lift pits
  • Retaining walls and underground shafts
  • Foundation walls and footings


Wide Compatibility
May be applied on brickwood, concrete, stone and similar substrates

Excellent adhesion
Is 100% compatible to masonry substrate, has excellent adhesion to the substrate it is applied on

Formdex has high flexibility and can bridge cracks up to 2mm width

Easy Application
Applied using roller and brush. Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surface and on damp substrate

Dries in humid conditions
Dries well in humid conditions. Can be applied in enclosed or poorly  ventilated conditioning



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