Formwal 622

Formwal 622  is a waterbased, acrylic,semi-gloss topcoat for interior and exterior use.It is mainly used for walls as a topcoat over a suitable primer or over previously painted surface of good integrity.

Area Of Use

Formwal 622 is used on walls to provide a decorative finish. It provides some waterproofing as long as the substrate is stable, sound and free of cracks. Hairline cracks are easily bridged by this system.

The following primers can be used with this product.

  • SEALFLEX Primer; for smooth concrete and plaster
  • SEALFLEX  Solvent Primer: for dense or powdery substrates

Special Features

  • Economical
  • Flexible coating can bridge hairline cracks
  • Decorative
  • Excellent resistant to weathering

Substrate Preparation
The substrate shall be clean,dry and free of dirt and oil. The structure and substrate have to be of sound construction, with expansion joints where necessary.

Where this product is used over previously painted surfaces, ensure that the existing coating is thoroughly cleaned. Damaged and unsound paint should be removed and substrate filled if necessary and spot primed. After priming, larger cracks should be touched-up with a heavy coat of Formelast.


  • SEALFLEX Primer; for smooth concrete and plaster @8-10m2/litre
  • SEALFLEX Primer -Filler: over rough concrete or concrete blocks @2.5 -3.0m2/litre
  • SEALFLEX  Solvent Primer: for dense or powdery substrates @8-10m2/litr

Stir product well before use. Thinning is not necessary. Formwal 622 is usually applied in two coats

1. Apply by brush,roller or spray: Formwal 622 @5m2/litre; allow to dry for at least 4 hours before over-coating

2. Apply by brush, roller or spray a second coat of Formwal 622 @5m2/litre; allow to dry for 24 hours minimum before taking substrate into use



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