Nuraprufe Tape

Nuraprufe Tape is a specially formulated two sided pressure sensitive tape. On both sides of the tape has a highly aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive which is designed to stick two different rolls of Nuraprufe 415 membrane together. The tape is a critical component in the Nuraprufe system. It ensures a continuous mechanical bond with the concrete between two separate rolls of Nuraprufe 415 membranes. 

It is used in end laps, cut laps and used to lay new Nuraprufe 415 membrane over damaged areas. Nuraprufe Tape is supplied in rolls with a silicone coated release liner on one side.

Prepartion & Application

  • Apply Nuraprufe Tape when ambient temperatures are -4°C (25°F) or above.
  • Wipe Nuraprufe 415 membranes clean to remove any dirt, dust or moisture. 
  • Unroll the tape over the membrane.
  • Use heavy hand pressure to maximize adhesion. Remove the release liner during application. 
  • Immediately lay the second roll of Nuraprufe 415 membrane over the tape and use heavy hand pressure to ensure adhesion between different rolls.


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