Nuraprufe 415 (LTA Approved)

Nuraprufe 415 membranes are applied horizontally to prepared lean concrete or well rolled and compacted sand or crushed stone blinding. 

Vertically the membrane is fastened to permanent formwork or adjoining structures.

Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membranes. The specially developed pressure sensitive adhesives work to bond the membrane to concrete face.

The Nuraprufe System includes:

  • Nuraprufe 415: A high performance HDPE membrane
  • Nuraprufe 415 (Self-Adhesive): A self adhesive HDPE membrane for external wall application
  • Nuraprufe Tape for lapping between two rolls of membrane
  • Nuraprufe SS Tape for sealing of fastening points and punctures
  • Nuraprufe Seal: Liquid membrane for sealing around penetrations etc.

Areas Of Usage

  • Basement structures
  • Tunnels
  • Ground slabs


Special Features

Continuous bond to concrete
Membrane forms an integral seal with concrete thus preventing water migration

High Performance
HDPE layer provides high puncture resistance

Membrane is self-protecting
It is trafficable and ready for immediate placement of reinforcement

Fully adhered water-tight laps and detailing

Weather and UV resistant

Unaffected by wet conditions
Cannot be activated prematurely

Can be fixed to permanent formworks
Allows max use of confined space

Simple and quick to install
Does not require primer or fillets

Physical barrier
Isolate structure against water, moisture and gas

Effective in all types of waters and soils



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